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New SSL certificate


The SSL certificate used on both the website and the XMPP server will expire on March 28. Hence, the certificate will be replaced by a new one on Sunday, March 23.

The fingerprints and validity periods of the old and the new certificate are as follows:

Old certificate:

Valid from: Mar 27 05:09:29 2012 GMT
Valid until: Mar 28 22:03:23 2014 GMT
MD5 fingerprint: 74:B3:21:FC:F1:4A:3A:25:F1:4C:A9:22:21:EF:16:94
SHA1 fingerprint: F5:3A:12:EE:78:3C:02:7F:4A:59:6F:56:06:05:00:5C:9D:7B:42:A2
SHA256 fingerprint: 3E:CC:3F:2F:F5:B4:63:D8:4C:8F:A0:28:01:9E:E8:7D:46:09:A2:B1:71:75:07:74:D3:D0:33:73:BC:96:19:37

New certificate:

Valid from: Mar 16 14:17:11 2014 GMT
Valid until: Mar 16 16:53:23 2016 GMT
MD5 fingerprint: 67:6A:1F:1D:B8:F6:66:C2:5E:7E:18:FA:75:C9:22:6D
SHA1 fingerprint: 8A:43:A1:88:12:2B:53:AD:C8:75:35:67:AE:75:E3:A4:4E:85:1A:52
SHA256 fingerprint: 8E:DB:D0:D8:13:3C:1E:55:65:D0:60:03:0A:76:5C:67:B8:6D:16:65:DA:D5:41:9C:A4:80:BB:67:ED:75:19:7E