Where do users on jabber.rueckgr.at come from?


An overview from which countries and cities the users of jabber.rueckgr.at originate is now available at jabber.rueckgr.at/stats (English only).

Restrictions regarding Google Talk


Recently, Google started blocking subscription requests from other servers to their XMPP-based Google Talk network. Hence, users on non-Google servers can add Google Talk users to their rosters, but they won't see whether the Google Talk users are online or not. However, nothing changes for Google Talk users; they are still able to see the online state of all users on non-Google servers on their rosters.

In-band-registration disabled


In order to further reduce abuse of this server for sending unsolicited messages, in-band registration (XEP-0077) has been disabled. To register an account, please use the registration formular on this page. In case of any problems please use the contact form and describe what happened.

Transports down (2 updates)


Due to a broken configuration, all the transports on jabber.rueckgr.at are currently down.

Restriction on creating MUC rooms


From now on, new MUC rooms on this server may only be created by users registered on this server, i.e. users having a JID of the form username@jabber.rueckgr.at.

This change is necessary in order to combat abuse of the MUC service for spam.

New certificate


The certificate currently being in use for the XMPP service on jabber.rueckgr.at is about to expire in a few days. Therefore, this certificate will be replaced by a new one.

Old SHA1 fingerprint: 3C:E9:6A:01:AC:C7:5D:C4:E9:08:0D:B7:02:37:82:BF:06:4D:0F:7D
New SHA1 fingerprint: F5:3A:12:EE:78:3C:02:7F:4A:59:6F:56:06:05:00:5C:9D:7B:42:A2

Hardware failure


Due to a hardware failure, the server running jabber.rueckgr.at must be replaced by a new one. Unfortunately, this will lead to some service downtime during the next week. Please be patient while everything will be done in order to restore all the services as soon as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Update: Maintenance work has been completed on June 26. Since then, all services are up and running without problems.

Furthermore, a problem regarding the creation of accounts via the web page has been fixed.



On 18/19 February 2012, all XMPP services on jabber.rueckgr.at and jabber.rückgr.at will be migrated to a new server. From user perspective, nothing will change. However, there will be a (short) downtime of all XMPP services and the webpage on that weekend. If everything goes right, the migration will only take a few minutes. However, if anything goes wrong, the services may be disrupted for up to a few hours. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Deletion of unused accounts


From now on, all accounts that have not been used for twelve months will be deleted periodically.


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