Stability problems resolved


Since yesterday afternoon, the Jabber server seems to work like a charm, let's hope it'll continue to do so. Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the stability problems. Please report any ongoing problems via the contact form.

Stability problems


Unfortunately, the Jabber server currently suffers severe problems regarding enourmous memory and CPU consumption. Therefore the Jabber services provided by this server may not be as stable as before in the next few days.

I'll drop a message here as soon as the problems are resolved.

I apologize for any inconvenience.

CAPTCHA on In-Band-Registration


With immediate effect, users registering new accounts on will require to solve a CAPCTHA.

QQ transport discontinued


Today, spectrum was updated to 1.4.8 and libpurple to 2.8.0. Unfortunately, the support for the QQ protocol is removed from libpurple 2.8.0. Hence, the QQ transport is not available anymore on this server.

Strange accounts


Recently, a bunch of accounts with strange usernames have been registered on The characters 0, _, l, m, n and r occurred very frequently in these usernames. Their passwords were either "CATSY" or "simpler".

As I think these accounts are used by some kind of Jabber bot, I removed these accounts. Any accounts using the passwords "CATSY" and "simpler" will be removed without any further notice.

If you want to register a large number of accounts on this server for use with bots, you are allowed to do so, but please inform me beforehand.

New Transports


Some additional transports are now available on

  • Facebook
  • GaduGadu
  • Myspace
  • QQ
  • Twitter
  • XMPP
  • Yahoo

I hope all of them work properly. Feel free to use them. Please contact via XMPP if anything goes wrong.

Recent connectivity problems


Since 13 August 2010 morning, this server's hoster has repeatedly been target of DDoS attacks consuming a lot of bandwidth. Possibly more attacks will follow. Hence, the services on this server may not always be fully operational. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Transports: AIM, ICQ, MSN


PyAIMt, PyICQt and PyAIMt are now installed and operable. Use service discovery if you want to use one (or more) of these transports.

IPv6 connectivity, JWChat, XMPP over BOSH, Jabber HTTP Polling


There are some new features for today:

Improved webinterface and web-based registration


Today, two items on the todo list for this server got done:

  • The web page at got a much nicer web interface. Until now, the web page was just a static HTML page in the style of the 1990s. From now on, Drupal is used.
  • Users may now register new accounts using a web interface. Of course, in-band registration using your favourite XMPP client still works.


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